Espacio Laical (Lay Space)

Espacio Laical is a social communication project, attached to the Padre Félix Varela Cultural Center of the Archdiocese of Havana. It revolves around the quarterly magazine of the same name, and also includes a digital supplement and a variety of events of variable format and frequency: conferences, panels, symposia and other types of meetings that seek to promote reflection and debate around different religious, social, cultural, political and economic aspects of national life.

This project seeks to be a positive contribution to the development of a society increasingly full and human, more prosperous and fraternal, from the identity of the Catholic laity, which seeks to encourage and improve, according to the Gospel, all the realities in which it develops person.

The magazine Espacio Laical wants to make that contribution from the Christian perspective that is its own, in dialogue with other visions. It aims to realize this purpose in response to the evangelizing demand of the whole Church, through a methodology of meeting, listening and understanding, and to that end offers its pages as a space for a respectful dialogue, always open to exchange and mutual enrichment.

The magazine is published quarterly, in 210 x 275 mm format, with a number of no less than 96 pages. It also offers a Digital Supplement service, of variable length and irregular frequency, which is distributed by e-mail and aims to respond to informative and informative needs arising in the interval between editions of the journal. Both the magazine and the digital supplements are also available to readers on the Internet, at

This communication project is open to the collaboration of any person of good will, who wants to adhere to the spirit of this space.

Father Félix Varela Cultural Center. Calle Tacón s / n between Chacón and Mercaderes.

Old Havana. Havana. CP 10100. Cuba

Telephones: +5378667104 to 109, +5378626989 and +5378628790

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